It’s getting near that time of year again when the WWDC rolls into town and Apple blows everyone away with what they have been working on in their spare time.

This year brings with it even more mystery than ever. By now we should have seen leaks of the new iPhone and countless rumours surrounding some new product. But this year we have very much been left in the dark. All that has come out is that Apple may be moving the flash to the right hand side of the new iPhone and that Lion may very well be released.

The only real big news to be flooting around is the idea of an iTunes in the cloud. As a rumour this seems to have the most evidence to back up it’s claims with nearly all the major record companies having signed up to give Apple rights to stream their music.

With only two weeks to go I must say I am very excited about what is to come and cannot wait to see Mr Steve Jobs up on stage.