Let’s Talk iPhone

At last Apple’s iPhone event is here.

Tomorrow at 10AM (6PM Uk time) in 4 Infinite Loop (Apple’s on site auditorium) Tim Cook will take to the stage for the first time as Apple CEO and will deliver a keynote outlining Apple’s new iPhone and hopeful some other news things.

Apple fans have waited a long time this year, as iPhone keynotes are normally held in June and within these past four months speculation has be writhe. First we had leaks of supposed iPhone 5 dimensions and screen size. Then we had A5 chip spy shots and even screens in the factory with elongated home buttons.

Up until the last fews days we had no real ‘facts’ until 9to5mac.com shone some light on some strings in the latest iTunes beta that showed the name of the new iPhone to be iPhone 4s and the picture that sat along side it was a CDMA iPhone 4. This is either a place holder so we don’t see the design of the 4s early or its like most people are saying, that the iPhone 4s is just an iPhone 4 with boosted features much like what the 3Gs was to the 3G.

In other news there have been rumours floating around that Apple are going to kill off the iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic thus eradicating all existence of the icon click wheel design, invented by Apple. This will be a little sad if this is true, as the click wheel is one of the main reasons the iPod took off like it did. I am sure whatever Apple do they will have good reason and we won’t be disappointed.

One thing that i do hope comes out of tomorrows event is a fulling working and downloadable iOS5, cannot wait to integrate my Twitter into my iPhone and have a a nice working notification system.

Well i for one cannot wait for tomorrows event, once its done i will be back on here to give my views on whats be announced and what hasn’t.


Religion and Apple

Today I went to the Baptism of my Nephew it was really nice and I get to be his Godfather, everyone was happy and had a good time at the Church and the get together afterwards. The service was not to long and being Catholic was very structured.

This got me thinking, Apple and religion (using Christianity as an example) have a lot in common, they both have a long and interesting story, with key figures and defining moments they both have a place that people congregate to talk and reflect (Apple stores, Churches), and they have symbols for people to use and connect with (Apple logo, Jesus’ cross).

Looking at the way the service was given, with the ridged structure and carefully planned timings. I could see how Apple used this same idea. Each year at different defining points Apple will release a new product, so much so that you can set your watch by it. For example Easter will happen around the same time each year and so will the launch of the new iPods.

Apple have managed to make their brand more than just a product, they have made it a lifestyle people want to be a part of. This is why Apple have become the market leader of technology, whatever they do everyone wants to copy. They may not invent the genre or even the idea, but they make it their own and with their influential figure head (Steve Jobs) they can convince the world that this is what they need, before they even know they need it.

I don’t want you to think that I am comparing Steve Jobs to Jesus but more the way he is seen within the Apple community and the wider world. He is not just the leader of Apple or just the Co-Founder, he is the reason Apple are as big as they are today. When Jobs talks people listen, not just to what he is saying but to the way he moves the language he uses it all conveys a message to people. The fact that he always wears the same thing when he is giving a presentation or seen in public, shows that he is a major part of Apples image. He has shaped the company into an extension of him self, in a way Apple is his Adam (not that I am comparing him to God) so much so that is recent health scares made the share price of Apple drop by $5.

Apple is and always will be just a technology company, but they will always be an influence company with the power to change so many people lives and ideas.


It’s getting near that time of year again when the WWDC rolls into town and Apple blows everyone away with what they have been working on in their spare time.

This year brings with it even more mystery than ever. By now we should have seen leaks of the new iPhone and countless rumours surrounding some new product. But this year we have very much been left in the dark. All that has come out is that Apple may be moving the flash to the right hand side of the new iPhone and that Lion may very well be released.

The only real big news to be flooting around is the idea of an iTunes in the cloud. As a rumour this seems to have the most evidence to back up it’s claims with nearly all the major record companies having signed up to give Apple rights to stream their music.

With only two weeks to go I must say I am very excited about what is to come and cannot wait to see Mr Steve Jobs up on stage.

No Cake

Today is Apple Retails 10th birthday. I was going to post up a birthday video message but my iSight on my MacBook seems to be broken 😦

Anyway just want to say well done, to everyone who was involved with making Apple stores the best customer experience ever, thumbs up and pats on the back all around.

Make sure you look out this weekend for things happening in an Apple store near you, because if the rumours are to be believed something big is going to happen. Unfortunately i only work in a reseller so i won’t be able to join in the fun and games, but i will be checking the internet all day, for news of what is going down.

So once again Happy Birthday Apple Retail!

Apple and the NDA

Yesterday was my first stage interview for working at Apple. Unfortunately i can’t tell you much that went on as i signed an NDA form.

I am not upset about this because i believe Apple are doing it for the right reasons. If i had gone into that interview knowing how it was all going to play out, i would feel that i had cheated in some way. But by keeping it under wraps it was a lot more fun.

I hope i get consider for a second stage interview as working for Apple is a dream of mine. Right now i work for a small independent company that sells Apple products, even though i love working here, i feel that i could get so much more from the official experience.

Apple retail will be 10 this Thursday (19th May), so i will be celebrating in my own way, so come back here tomorrow to see what i will be up to.

Mother Nature

I’m sure by now everyone knows the horrors that have taken place in Japan over the last few days, and I’m sure you are all in state of shock like my self. Seeing those images on the news chilled me to bone but also made me realise how lucky I am to live in the UK. I live in a place where our biggest natural disaster is a little bit of snow on the road. So my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by one of Japan’s worst ever disasters, my mind is with you all if only my body could be too.

Seeing something happen like this makes you wonder whether what we worry about is really worth it. For example the iPad 2 is being released here in the uK next friday and loads of people are worried they won’t get one on launch day, when on the other side of the world people are worried about if they even have a home to go back to, or if their family has survived. It puts things in a bit of perspective makes you look more closely at the decisions you make in your every day life. If anything good comes out of what has happened i hope its people desire to be more considerate and to look out for one another instead of just always putting them selves first. I hope it brings people closer together and brings out our built in compassion.

I wish i could do more to help, i wish i could be there for everyone effected by what has happened, i hope my words, thoughts and feelings reach you all. You are all in my prayers.

The World of WordPress

So it looks like i have stumbled upon WordPress, a mass of confusion with some blogging thrown in.

Right now i am staring at the Dashboard with not a clue at all about what to do or where to start. So where better to begin but with a random first post, the one that is always left and forgotten at the bottom of a long trail of posts about social media taking over our lives, politics and the inevitable emo rant.

I hope over time this little site will become one of your stopping grounds in your list of bookmarks you click through every morning. I hope that I can bring a smile to your face or just give you something to talk about on the day.

So have a look around I have a twitter and flicker feed to your right and will soon have much more.

Add me as a bookmark or an RSS feed and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

First post….