Let’s Talk iPhone

At last Apple’s iPhone event is here.

Tomorrow at 10AM (6PM Uk time) in 4 Infinite Loop (Apple’s on site auditorium) Tim Cook will take to the stage for the first time as Apple CEO and will deliver a keynote outlining Apple’s new iPhone and hopeful some other news things.

Apple fans have waited a long time this year, as iPhone keynotes are normally held in June and within these past four months speculation has be writhe. First we had leaks of supposed iPhone 5 dimensions and screen size. Then we had A5 chip spy shots and even screens in the factory with elongated home buttons.

Up until the last fews days we had no real ‘facts’ until 9to5mac.com shone some light on some strings in the latest iTunes beta that showed the name of the new iPhone to be iPhone 4s and the picture that sat along side it was a CDMA iPhone 4. This is either a place holder so we don’t see the design of the 4s early or its like most people are saying, that the iPhone 4s is just an iPhone 4 with boosted features much like what the 3Gs was to the 3G.

In other news there have been rumours floating around that Apple are going to kill off the iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic thus eradicating all existence of the icon click wheel design, invented by Apple. This will be a little sad if this is true, as the click wheel is one of the main reasons the iPod took off like it did. I am sure whatever Apple do they will have good reason and we won’t be disappointed.

One thing that i do hope comes out of tomorrows event is a fulling working and downloadable iOS5, cannot wait to integrate my Twitter into my iPhone and have a a nice working notification system.

Well i for one cannot wait for tomorrows event, once its done i will be back on here to give my views on whats be announced and what hasn’t.


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